How effective is your business at software delivery?
Answer these 20 questions and find out where the principal software delivery challenges lie within your organisation.
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Software Delivery

How frequently do you release updates to your key business systems? *

How are changes released into your production environment? *

Do your applications have automated test suites? *

How do you capture user requirements? *

Do you have a dedicated QA role? *

Agile Teams & Working Methodologies

What delivery methodologies do you follow? *

What size are your software delivery teams? *

Do team members look after specific areas of the codebase? *

Where are your software delivery teams based? *

Software Engineering & Architecture

Do you use TDD? *

Which languages do you use? *

What coding standards do you have in place? *

Cloud Infrastructure & Automation

Do your applications run in the cloud? *

Do your applications follow 12 factor principles? *

How are server configuration changes rolled out? *

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